Course Info and Details:

Below is the Strava Segment Leaderboard for the full bike/run course starting at the ocean in Dana Point and ending on the summit of San Gorgonio. In order to maintain a single timed event which registers against this segment, you must upload a BIKE activity file from your device with all auto-pauses turned off, and you must follow all roads and trails exactly the same as the segment course below. If you upload a RUN activity file instead of a BIKE activity file to Strava it will not post your effort on this segment page. Unless Strava adds a feature for multi-sport segments, posting the entire bike, run, and transition as a single non-stop BIKE file is the only way to keep continuous timing for the full segment. Lastly, this event can be done as a solo or group event- but make sure you say so in the title of your activity! For complete guidelines and rules please read the main UltraHurt page on this website. Now go for it!


Here is the Strava Segment and Leaderboard for combined bike/run for San G from the Sea:


Course Details:

  1. The segment starts at the waters edge below the first “No Stopping” sign on the south side of Puerto Place road in Dana Point, CA. The sign is clearly visible in this Street View of Google Maps here. I highly recommend using 2 timers for the entire event. I wear a Garmin 920XT watch and carry a Garmin Edge 510 from the bike all the way to the top. Remember to turn off any Auto Pause. Note: Most bike computers (or phones) using GPS do not have battery life to last more than 6-9 hours. Use a Garmin Edge 510/520 or 820, or a USB battery backup.
  2. Be sure to follow the route exactly the same as the Strava Segment and Leaderboard. Login to Strava first (it’s free) and you can view the full bike/run route here and download cue sheets, TCX, or GPX files.
  3. The run/hike split starts at the Vivian Creek trail head in Forrest Falls and follows the main trail to the summit. Permit required.
  4. The segment ends the wooden sign post on the main summit of Mt. San Gorgonio.
  5. Keep at least one timer with GPS running, non-stop, without pausing, throughout the entire bike, transition, and run.
  6. Please be clear in your Strava Activity ride title if you rode with a partner, group, or drafted for any amount of time on the bike portion. Both solo and group efforts are excellent challenges to attempt- but be honest and compete fairly.




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