What is Ultra Hurt?

By 2011, I had logged thousands of miles running and climbing in mountain ranges all over the world, and aside from a few helicopter rides into Himalayan base camps, I always drove a vehicle to the start of each. Then in the spring of 2012, pro triathlete Jenny Fletcher took me for a road bike ride near Bishop, CA- and I immediately became addicted.  Using one of Jenny’s generously donated bikes, I began to approach my runs and climbs in the mountains by pedaling. As I got stronger on the bike, my training sessions seemed to drift to locations further and further away from home. What began as merely a commute to training soon became part of the actual training. Then in the fall of 2012 I decided to attempted the most obvious ultra-distance course in the neighborhood- climbing Mt Whitney by starting at Badwater. It was then, during those long hours suffering under the Death Valley sun, that the concept of UltraHurt was seared into my brain. Even before the day was done I began to conceive all kinds of different bike/run challenges around the worldwondering just how much vertical climbing and horizontal distance I could possibly cover in a day.

The UltraHurt name may be unique, but the concept of a bike/run event is not, nor is approaching a mountain climb on a bike. The point of UltraHurt is simply to bring some guidelines to the game, and to create a platform for sharing various courses for others to try. With all of the super strong multi-sport athletes out there, I figure there must be at least a few others who, like me, thrive most when The Pursuit is the Prize– not trophies on a mantle. If this sounds like you then visit the UltraHurt course pages and the Discussion Forum (coming in Oct 2016) where you can create, attempt, and share challenges yourself.



Aug 2016 – San G from the Sea  <blog posts>  <course page>
Aug 2016 – Cathedral Lake from Aspen  <blog posts>  <course page>
Aug 2016 – Mt. Elbert from Aspen  <blog posts>  <course page>
Nov 2014 – Badwater to Mt. Whitney   <course page>
Oct 2014 – Seaside to Sunset – Mt. Hood 
Sept 2013 – Badwater to Mt. Whitney  <course page>
Mar 2013 – Ojos to Ocean
Feb 2013 – Sand to Cinder; Mauna Loa
Sept 2012 – Badwater to Mt. Whitney  <course page>



Sept  2016 – Mont Blanc from the Med <blog posts>
Oct 2016 – Colorado Low to High
Oct 2016 – Badwater to Mt. Whitney
Winter 2016 – Aconcagua from the Ocean




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