31 May / The Work Continues in Nepal!!

Donkey's for Relief

Donkeys helping to bring relief aid!

The initial worldwide response to the earthquakes in Nepal has brought in millions of dollars of aid, including food, medical supplies, temporary shelters and other immediate needs. Once these goods are in Nepal, the difficulties don’t stop there. Another challenge our team faces is delivering aid to the remote villages at the base of the Himalaya. These villages aren’t accessible by road and many of them don’t have suitable places for a helicopter to land. I have been coordinating efforts to deliver these goods over the existing hiking trails, many of which have been significantly damaged by active landslides. With a combination of hired local porters and donkeys, we’re coordinating trail repair simultaneously with food delivery to the highest regions of Nepal. Donkeys like these can carry 60kg of rice, lentils, salt, or other desperately needed goods. Thanks to the assets and funding of the World Food Programme, not only are villages getting fed, but donkey herders and local porters are receiving a nice paycheck for their hard work.

Here’s an article from the World Food Programme about our advanced mountain team, providing the info we need to best deliver these supplies:

Tiffany helping with temporary shelters

Tiffany & Scott helping to build temporary shelters.

Report from the field: May 30th, 12:24 PM
Tiffany and Scott write:

“As part of our team’s collaboration with KarmaFlights, we’ve been continuing to meet the needs of the villages near the epicenter of the earthquake. One of the most pressing projects has been delivering materials and collectively building temporary structures so the villagers can stay dry through the monsoon season. KarmaFlights worked with local business owners to deliver more than 100 tin shelters to the towns of Mandre and Saurpani.

“This is the first shelter constructed in Mandre, and the leaders immediately decided it would be for the two eldest residents of the village, who have been living under an unstable tarp structure since April 26th. They had to be carried into their new home, but were ecstatic when they saw it for the first time. Despite the ubiquitous devastation, it’s heartwarming to see villages come together to care for the children and the elderly first, before rebuilding their own homes. While we’re doing our best to help in the ways we can, using the donations we’ve received in this tangible way, we can’t help but feel like they’re helping us to understand what compassion and community really look like.”

For more information on Karma Flights and their projects in Nepal, please visit their website: or their parent

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of our relief efforts in Nepal. #rebuildnepal #nepaliloveyou

Children Help Too!

It takes a village to raise a child, yet these children are raising their village. Everyone lends a hand in the reconstruction efforts and even these two youngsters are eager to help. Using sticks, they’re cleaning the pipes of dirt so they can be bent into shape and used to frame the temporary shelters.

To see more about this project, visit the Karma Flights facebook page or visit
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