Pikes Peak training ride the Springs

28 Aug, by Don Bowie in Blog

Had a nice ride to the summit of Pikes Peak (14,114ft, 4302m) from my parents house. When someone told me the road was open to the top I took a shot at it immediately- but their beta that the road averages 4.5% grade was waaaay…

Black Forest Fire

12 Jun, by Don Bowie in Blog

I’ve been visiting my parents in Colorado Springs and captured a few images of the Black Forest Fire from their deck. Here is one of my favorites: (Click a few times for full screen- it’s worth it)

Makalu another day

25 May, by Don Bowie in 2013 Makalu, Blog

It seems that 5 weeks of chest infection and the constant struggle for physical and emotional health has taken it’s toll. I did finally get on the mountain and up near Makalu La for an acclimatization session, but when I returned to base camp my illness did…

My friend Alexei Bolotov…gone

16 May, by Don Bowie in Blog

Many events have transpired since my last dispatch, but the most important at hand is the death of my friend and climbing partner Alexei Bolotov yesterday. I feel that far more appropriate words can be written about Alexei than I am capable of right now- my fingers…

Control on the Mountain

07 May, by Don Bowie in Blog

When all the training has been logged, when all the gear and food and equipment have been gathered, when you’ve said goodbye to your family and friends, get on the plane, travel for days through a foreign culture, you finally get to the mountain. There…

The Trip in to Makalu Base Camp, Part 2

02 May, by Don Bowie in 2013 Makalu, Blog

After the crazy flight to Lukla I grabbed my bags and headed to the uniquely named Himalayan Hotel. Inside, the rooms and accommodations were more than comfortable, and the dining hall was surprisingly large with beautiful decorations and gabled ceilings. I spent the day sending…