02 Jun / Overcoming Many Challenges!!

Climber Jess Roskelley describes his feelings after a major aftershock while working in the Gorkha district of Nepal. The general sense of Nepal anxiety can be overwhelming; not only for the aid workers, but especially for the villagers who live there. Most of them have nowhere else to go. With over 200 aftershocks after the original quake, there’s a constant threat of danger which adds a lot of stress to the process of digging through the rubble and starting to rebuild.

Professional climbers Jess Roskelley and Ben Erdmann describe the damage in Barpak, Nepal and the surrounding areas and explain the needs of the residents there. These field reports proved to be extremely valuable as the team reported back to the UN World Food Programme, Karma- Flights, and other NGOs who flew in helicopters of supplies after hearing about the damage in these areas.

There’s more than destruction after an earthquake; there is the unifying effort of those in need with those who want to help. One of our biggest challenges after the earthquake was delivering the thousands of dollars of food, clothes, sanitation and other supplies that arrived in Nepal. Some of the villages, particularly those closest to the epicenter, were completely destroyed and isolated by landslides. Through our collaborative efforts with KarmaFlights and the World Food Programme (WFP), we have helped to coordinate food deliveries to the highest, out-of-touch villages in Nepal. With over 300 villagers hiking up their own supplies, this model is becoming a standard for our new Remote Access Operations efforts with the WFP.

Many thanks to Team Members Ben Erdmann, Jess Roskelley, & Gisele Widmer and also Alex Barber for giving of your time and efforts to help the people of Nepal.

Please continue to pray for the people of Nepal and also for our Team Members that are still working there: Don Bowie, Nuri Sherpa, Tiffany Junge, Scott Rogers, Cody & Cherise Tuttle.

Thanks to the Cloudbase Foundation and Karma Flights for their continued efforts here in Nepal.

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