Armchair training: Coming to you LIVE

Don Bowie, the highly tuned athlete, getting quality carbs in the High Sierra.

I admit that as I write this I could be suffering from a sugar-high after ingesting nearly half a bag of peppermint Lifesavers, but before my overtaxed innards can produce enough insulin to counteract my unbalanced hyperglycemic mental state, I Read More →

Don’s Upcoming Ultra events


Upcoming Schedule July-Dec 2014: Mt. Shasta-  Bike 189 miles (304km), run 3 miles (5km) total elevation gain 29,129 ft (8878m) Mt Hood-  Bike 149 miles (239km), run 3 miles (5km) total elevation gain 19,350 ft (5897m) Mt. Whitney- Bike 135 Read More →